Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NVI Awareness Program

An event Report of
4-6 PM, 27-Apr-2010, ISiM, University of Mysore

‘The New Ventures India’ is a joint initiative of the CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad and the World Resources Institute, Washington DC. The initiative was established and supported by USAID under the Global Development Alliance. The mission of the organization is to match scalable green business opportunities with skills, talent, technology, markets and money. The program identifies companies within its portfolio and facilitates the funding for these projects.

An awareness program was organized on 27-Apr-2010 in Mysore at ISiM with an objective to sensitize various stakeholders about green business opportunities and what NVI is doing to assist the development and growth of green businesses by facilitating fruitful interaction between entrepreneurs, mentors, business advisors and potential investors. The event was aimed at attracting emerging entrepreneurs who are currently running green business enterprise and are looking to scale up. The service providers, investors, successful entrepreneurs, policy makers were also targeted.

The program started at 4PM with Prof. Shalini R. Urs, Executive Director, ISiM  introducing the guests to the audience. Mr. Hemant Nitturkar, New Ventures India was the first person to speak. He introduced NVI as a business accelerator that supports environmentally- and socially-responsible enterprises in emerging economies. He also said that they identify small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) with high-growth potential that generate strong social and environmental benefits and provide then them with business advisory services and access to capital. Additionally, they facilitate with local and international investment communities and networks to help further develop capital resources available to these enterprises. He proudly said that NVI operates a global network of six centers of sustainable entrepreneurship in Brazil, Mexico, China, Colombia, Indonesia and India. He also spoke about the emerging opportunities in the Green Business Space.

Ms. Nandini Vaidyanathan, CARMa Ventures Services was the next speaker. She addressed the gathering on the topic of ‘Things to watch out for while growing your Business’. She started her talk by addressing the basic issues like what it takes to become an entrepreneur in the first place. She then explained with examples the various nuances that make a difference in the business plan. She advised the entrepreneurs to revisit their business model often, put in place the processes and people among other things.

The final presentation was by Mr. Indus Khaitan, The Morpheus. He spoke about ‘What do investors look for before investing in a company’. He spoke in particular about the 5 main ingredients that any investor will look for in a start-up before investing in it.

After the presentations, the panel addresses to some of the queries from the audience. After the Q&A session, the audience and the panel members left for networking over high tea. 

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