Monday, December 21, 2009

Foreign Delegates from NI-MSME visit ISiM

A 33 member foreign delegate team from the ‘National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (NI-MSME), Hyderabad’ visited the ‘International School of Information Management’ on 19th December 2009 between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. NI-MSME actively supports the government in formulating policies for promotion of small enterprises and assisting national and international organizations including potential entrepreneurs through a host of services like research, consultancy, information, training, education and extension. This institution has trained more than 1.35 lakh Indian participants and more than 7,000 executives of 127 countries since its inception.

The visiting delegates were part of two programmes.

Total Quality Management (TQM) team

  1. Mr. Damai Peter Liah (Sudan)
  2. Mr. Ali Mahmoud Mohamed (sudan)
  3. Ms. Eman Ali Sawi Ali (Sudan)
  4. Mr. Hamidullah Naizi (Afghanistan)
  5. Mr. Syed Shahpoor Mehruban (Afghanitan)
  6. Mr. Kagashani Seperatus (Tanzania)
  7. Ms. Mazigo Jane Msilu (Tanzania)
  8. Ms. Ramsohok Hemlata (Mauritius)
  9. Mr. Mokaloba Tsoeu Joshija (Lesotho)
  10. Ms. Kozhabayeva Aigerim (Uzbekistan)
  11. Ms. Ntsinanyanna Olebogeng (Botswana)
  12. Ms. Xantthee Margaret Dubuison (St. Lucia)
  13. Ms. Rojsaengroeng Rapeeport (Thailand)
  14. Ms. Chinapanyathip Kueaanan (Thailand)
  15. Mr. Iroko Yao Oniakitan (Togo)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) team

  1. Mr. Dickson Nyakeri (Kenya)
  2. Mrs. Su Su Hlaing (Myanmar)
  3. Ms. Aye Win (Myanar)
  4. Ms. Zogbo Setter Moluwoi (Liberia)
  5. Mr. Md. Elias Bhuiya (Bangladesh)
  6. Ms. Pattarin Kiatkamolkul (Thailand)
  7. Mrs. Nida Fsaisi Soboh (Palestine)
  8. Ms. Awatif Tawaor (Sudan)
  9. Ms. Sandra Lucrecia (Guatemala)
  10. Mr. Siyovush Bobokhonov (Tajakistan)
  11. Mr. Gashaw Abeje Melese (Ethiopia)
  12. Mr. Mohammed Jadana Abdul (Malaysia)
  13. Mr. Elisha Elias Shigella (Tanzania)
  14. Mr. Murat Alper Ozturk (Turkey)
  15. Mr. Wisam Saeed Aasi (Iraq)
  16. Mr. Falah Mahmood Shehab (Iraq)
  17. Mrs. Madhumatee Ramkhelawon (Mauritius)
  18. Mrs. Seraphine Nahigombeye (Burundi)

They were in India to be a part of the 8 week ‘International Training Programme’, the last leg of which included the study tour to learn about trends and practices in the field of management and intellectual property rights. “NI-MSME had identified ISiM as the premier information school that employs many innovative practices”, told Dr. N. Srilakshmi, Programme Director of the visiting team.

The guests, who arrived at about 3.30 pm were accorded a warm welcome. Jayanth, ISiM introduced the guest to Prof. Ramasesha, Senior faculty at ISiM. Prof. Ramasesha then briefed the visitors about ISiM and its genesis. He then brought in the importance and the relevance of Information Management in the current world. He pointed out that measures like transparency and efficient information management are integral part of every organization. He also brought in the co relation between the quality management and knowledge management. He opined that the stream of Knowledge Management was a derivative of Quality Management.

Mr. Jayanth Jagadeesh then addressed the gathering about some of the best practices followed by ISiM. He started with the concept of ‘cluster model’ of operation. Cluster model of operation is one wherein institutes/organization that share a common vision pool their resources. He briefed the gathering about how various ways in which educational institutes can pool their resources for mutual benefit. The delegates appreciated the concept and acknowledged that such a practice will lead to better utilization of the resources and improve the competency of all stake holders.
He then took up the case of ‘WikiGyan’ as an operational example. WikiGyan is an ISiM led initiative to build a platform which can engage the government, corporates and the society for mutual benefit. The idea is to build a platform (mutually agreed norms, regulations, templates) for sharing survey data and other forms of information. Once there is enough data populated one can take informed decisions/conclusions based on that. It is also noteworthy that this project is mentored by industry giants like Google and Infosys.

This was followed by a round of discussions. Some of the delegates posted their queries and a interesting round of discussion took place. The event concluded with Dr. N. Srilakshmi thanking Prof. Ramasesha and Mr. Jayanth for the valuable insight into the innovative concepts and management practices associated with the ‘International School of Information Management’.


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